​Our professionals are here to assist you with opening a bank account in any of Georgian banks.


Reasons to open Georgian personal bank account:

  • Georgia is not party to Common Reporting Standard (CRS);

  • No taxation in Georgia for the personal bank account;

  • Easy and quick opening;

  • High quality banking service;

  • No minimum deposit;

  • Georgia is not in grey or black list;

  • We provide you pre-approval of opening of bank account;

  • You may receive your account in multiple currencies;

  • Internet banking is very convenient;


  • Withdraw up to 20,000GEL per day

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Get your remote personal bank account in a NON-OFFSHORE country from 400EUR only!


Daily limit of withdrawal - USD500


Daily limit of withdrawal - USD3,500

Discounts on luxury services


Daily limit of withdrawal - USD7,000

Discounts and many free luxury services